We proactively communicate with small business owners and entrepreneurs to raise program awareness, develop relationships, and encourage program participation
We provide ongoing technical assistance based on experience, education, and a commitment to our mission to help those who need it most
We help small business owners grow revenue and increase market share through improved sales and marketing, scaling, and pivoting to new markets
We help small business owners grow sales, create jobs, and find the capital they need, and report these impacts to our partners for clear and accurate reporting

Outreach. Support. Growth. Impact.


Our experienced advisors work on behalf of public agencies, grants, lenders, and funds to ensure the success of small businesses through advising, coaching, and leveraging public support organizations.

We add immediate bandwidth to small business support efforts with a ready-to-work team of experienced business advisors who understand the importance of dependability, workflow, data collection, and reporting in large projects.

Our advising is both skilled and patient, founded on acumen and care, with a focus on leading small business owners to demonstrable improvements in job creation, job retention, sales growth, and capital infusion.

We can help your clients succeed. Email solutions@sbcadvising.com or call 614-285-7736 today!

Meet our team

Franceska Jones  MNO, Small Business Advisor

Franceska is an entrepreneur, educator, and advocate for small businesses, especially those owned by underrepresented populations. The owner of a successful tax preparation firm, a doctoral student, and a dedicated mother, Franceska has joined SBC to help others enjoy the successes she has experienced and teach and encourage those struggling through the current social and political environment. Notably, Franceska has been honored in the Who's Who in Black Cleveland, is a Top 25 under 35 Award Winner, and a member of the 2020 Class os of OnBoard Cleveland.

Reginald Tate  MBA, Small Business Advisor

An entrepreneur himself, Reggie brings experience in sales, marketing, networking, and growing revenue - especially in the healthcare industry - to the SBC team. Reggie has successful experience in healthcare practice turnarounds and deep knowledge of insurance and billing. Reggie holds an MBA and serves in several capacities as an active member in the regional small business communities.

Megan Sellheim  Small Business Advisor

Megan has successfully planned, launched, and operated a business that she's grown from a single operator to a team of 25. She’s an engineer turned entrepreneur, and her experience through the business lifecycle, especially in terms of cash planning, use of QuickBooks, and financial management, is invaluable in helping owners plan, evaluate, and scale businesses.

Karyn Wilson  MBA, Small Business Advisor

Karyn has an MBA, has taught business at the university level, has been part of the creation and sale of multiple small businesses, and has successfully owned and operated Crumbz Cakery for the last 8 years. An educator and entrepreneur, Karyn is the perfect fit for this advisor role. Karyn has already helped our clients make demonstrable improvements and we look forward to her great work in the future.

Meghan Wood  MBA, Small Business Advisor

Meghan has an accomplished record in marketing and business strategy efforts for giants such as Nationwide Insurance and Anheuser-Busch. After a successful tenure in the corporate world, she is now a small business owner leading the revitalization of a 40-year-old small business through social media marketing, increased revenues, process development, and the implementation of business systems. Meghan has a unique perspective informed by her experience in Fortune 500 companies and her role in leading her own business.

TJ Eveland  PhD, MBA, Director & Project Manager

TJ Eveland is the project manager for all of SBC’s projects. He works directly with sponsors to ensure workflow processes are followed, manages advisor workloads, and collects and returns data to project sponsors. He has successfully launched and sold two microenterprises, researches and publishes on entrepreneurship and equity in higher education, and has taught finance at the university level for nearly 15 years.

Our Impact

... is very good at being a business advisor. I've been fortunate enough for him to work with me and for me to know him for a few years. When I was working towards launching and running my business (Big Bucket Cleaning LLC) he always asked me the right question at the right time. Its really amazing how we can be talking about the business and the issues I'm having and he is able to direct all my issues back to one or two things that I need to address. I highly recommend him.

- Eric Renner

... has been a wealth of knowledge and great to work with! He has helped our small business recover and grow more than we could have hoped for. There is so much value to his service with his ability to advise on current and future decisions in order to make the best financial outcomes.

- Shane Downing

I consulted about the PPP program and EIDL. Each interaction was educational and helpful and as anyone who has attempted this program, it has and continues to change rapidly. I am very pleased with the service I received and will continue to use in the future as needed.

- Chris Stein

... has helped make my dreams come true! He has given me great advise and has helped organize my business. I would highly recommend using his services.

- Zachery Smith

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